Secret of success China from economic development ~ Started from 1992 to 2013, China spent 8.6% of its PDNB to build roads, railways, airports and ports as well as development projects that are key to the movement of people and goods, which make perkenomian remain strong.
In Western Europe the budget for it is only 2.5% and by 2.5% for the combined United States with Canada.
"The report became an important warning about the dangers of a lack of investment in infrastructure," said Robert Puentes, a researcher who specializes in the metropolis kebiajakan think tank in Washington, Brooling Institution. "Super growth in China's economy is driven by nvestasi infrastructure."
Infrastructure in Europe and North America are old and in need of more funds to be replaced, repaired, and make it more secure. Greater investment also means greater environmental sustainability, more employment, and innovation that lead to new technologies.
China's high level of investment for highway, rail, and port -as well as all the things that make people move-give clues about the great tendency that could shape the global economy over the coming decades.
China also runs an impressive infrastructure businesses in the area of ​​the highway. Last year, they signed an aggreement worth £ 32 billion to £ 5.2 billion in Brazil and the UK to build new infrastructure in those countries, such as railroads and power plants.

That's how successful the Chinese do

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