Fifty thousand only

Fifty thousand only, The trip from the city to the road Sumedang new times no. 16, Bekasi West in order to deliver goods orders (Sweet Cilembu Sumedang), it is done in a way that is super desperate, armed with just enough money to buy a diesel fuel vehicle, the mileage of nearly one hundred and twenty kilo meters, performed alone unaccompanied by friends as usual if I should send orders Ubi Cilembu, a friend is in need, in addition to helping to lower and raise the goods, a friend also needed to converse-talk during the journey, or perhaps it could be to replace me if fatigue in driving when experiencing fatigue. By simply carrying costs little, precisely in the city of Bekasi, k vehicles we have to meet with the police operation carried out in order to check the completeness of the vehicle papers, Operations performed precisely under Fly over KH Nur Ali Summarecon Bekasi, completeness lucky all letter mail vehicle and driving license to complete and legal, thus I did berjaln trip smoothly. With the remaining money is only fifty thousand, eventually the delivery went smoothly until the destination without experiencing the slightest obstacle. Money left in the destination only when he got fifty thousand only.

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