Want paid 700 thousand, take the bike to the office

An Italian city residents will pay hundreds of euros per year if pedaling a bicycle to work, so instead of using a motor vehicle. The city council Massarosa, in the north of Pisa, declared the pilot project will pay 25 cents per kilometer traveled, with a value of £ 35 or Rp700,000 per month, reported local news website Il Tirreno. This means that people who use two wheels without engine it will get £ 424 or Rp8.8 million per year. It is reported that this is the first scheme of its kind implemented in Italy. Fifty employees will be eligible for probation for 12 months, which will use a smart phone app to record the distance covered each day.
The bike scheme funded by fines obtained from penilangan in town. The law states where the funds should be invested into the traffic security, as local officials explained Stefano Natali.
He added that means traffic would become less congested with additional health benefits.
Italian Cycling Federation (FIAB), which helps the development of the idea expressed hope that other cities mimic the action of Massarosa. Source:http://www.bbc.com/indonesia/majalah/2015/11/151117_majalah_italia_sepeda.shtml

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