Highway Congestion

is part of the routine life of people who live in big cities, Jakarta, for example, no day, time and hour to avoid HIGHWAY CONGESTION, especially at a time when to and from work, the highway will suddenly crowded by various types of vehicles. The days of old ...... Now ..... highway congestion not only his people who live in the city of big cities, highway congestion has been a regular part of people who live in the city Sumedang small town like this, every day never seems liberated by road congestion. apart because of damaged roads in repair, or can also jam the highway by other causes. before forgotten, I try to remind about the previous share of Motorcycle vs. Truck, collided due to undisciplined when congestion occurs the most frustrating thing when jammed include:
  1. Barged path / crucified, so that congestion is getting worse 
  2. Honking. 
  3. Overheated car broke down 
  4. Because it was too long jam .... the driver fell asleep 
  5. If it were on the bus, there is a toxic waste gas .. HITUT.
It is fun when highway congestion occurs:
  1. (City bus ride) to chat with the beautiful girl sitting near me. followed by exchanging addresses and numbers telphon. 
  2. Makes reasons if late on appointments 
  3. Could see the behavior and doings of people affected by congestion 
  4. The opportunity to read something verses of the Quran (wird) Are there any other opinions on the two criteria of "sucks" and "Fun" while stuck in traffic

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