Motorcycle vs.Truck

Accidents ( eg : Motorcycle vs. truck ) is not to be expected by anyone let alone on the way to the traffic conditions gridlocked, prudential and cautious is the best for those of you who are driving . Bikers, road conditions at the time were experiencing congestion usually try to break through the bottleneck to pass even sidewalks can be used as a trajectory # please refer to the article on Highway safety Program congestion that occurs when the result was no ongoing roadwork , exactly in front of the STM Youth - Sumedang , a father and son who are still in uniform school collided with a truck . As a result of lack of careful attention frequent accidents , such examples Motorcycle vs. truck Her son was not injured at all while riding a motorcycle his father who is experiencing severe bleeding ankle , wore motorcycle severely damaged by the truck crushed , really an accident that makes other motorists shocked , because this kind of bad dalamkondisi motorcyclists often loss of vigilance and attention to the liver . Therefore for some kind of accident does not happen again Motorcycle vs. truck example above , we must be more vigilant and careful in driving in order to survive until the goal .

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