The view in the morning JL.Cadas Pangeran

Each to and from work is always beautiful pass JL.Cadas Pangeran beautiful and scenic, usually midmorning Jl.Cadas Pangeran is always jammed because the number of private vehicles, trucks, and cars and motorcycles through this pathway.  JL.Cadas Pangeran scenery is quite amazing because the position and existence of this path depends on the Rocks ridge, so that even this road past the sensation of being overwhelming, flanked by rocky ridges and deep ravines. If less careful and vigilant when passing through this JL.Cadas Pangeran, if not hit the rock ridge, at worst is a plunge into the abyss as deep as 0.5 Km ... hiii ... spooky deh ih Be careful on the highway, do not like Motorcycle vs. Truck. JL.Cadas Pangeran scenic beauty this morning, in addition to the street was deserted, the sun shining on the earth this morning was so beautiful, so that makes me slow up my bike and enjoy it with a photograph.    Winding and winding road uphill, flanked by a rocky ridge sunlight JL.Cadas Pangeran make the natural scenery featuring beautiful shiluet make peaceful heart and mind.
let's enjoy the sights JL.Cadas Pangeran this morning, although the picture is less than the maximum presented, understand it ... lah
The gate (commonly called Zero point JL.Cadas Pangeran), visible path that leads to the left is an alternative way intended when congested main road. is not very visible splendor as the magnitude of the prince's name Sumedang, entry gate as a sign JL.Cadas Pangeran region, only the mark with the statue of Prince Sumedang facing each other with the general Dutch written underneath "rock PRINCE"
Police Station is located right at the entrance JL.Cadas Pangeran beginning, of a traffic-control officer and the maker of the user comfortable and safe road where the police station is badly needed
Distance JL.Cadas Pangeran with Cilembu village only 7 km, it is normal if there are then many Cilembu Sumedang Sweet Shop which is a product Sumedang prefetch queue and pride of the people.

The rest area is also provided across the road, in addition to functioning to rest, where it was often used as a place for photos.
concrete wall that is visible is the wall that enabled to withstand avalanche can occur, because the alternative road distance above the right side of the gorge

JL.Cadas Pangeran be in a position to hang / stick rock backs
how to ...? though the picture is bad, at least JL.Cadas Pangeran can imagine the beauty of each place ... aaamiiiin

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