Oyster Mushroom on Sawdust

Mushroom is one type of fungus that can be cultured and of course can be taken and can be an alternative food to maintain health in a way processed into powders, pills or other processed form of herbal medicine.
There are some fungus type other than oyster mushroom on sawdust which can also be cultivated like:
  • Mushrooms Rice,
  • Ear Mushroom,
  • Shitake Mushrooms,
  • Mushrooms Lengzhi
In the development of several types of fungi have the efficacy and usefulness for health, such as
  • Shitake Mushrooms are useful as anti-cancer and preventing HIV (Aids)
  • Mushroom Lingzhi is useful for treating cancer, maintain fitness and stamina, decrease in blood sugar, and cholesterol as well as useful as degrading and destruction Carcinogen.
As a food ingredient White Oyster Mushrooms contain elements, which are:
  • Vitamin B1, 
  • Vitamin B2, 
  • Vitamin C, 
  • Niacin and 
  • Biotin.
Mushrooms also contain minerals such as:
  • K, P, Lu, Mg.
The purpose of this White Oyster Mushroom cultivation is to utilize the waste of sawdust that had been wasted. White Oyster Mushroom Cultivation is free of chemicals, environmentally friendly and does not require large areas of soil for the cultivation of oyster mushroom on sawdust this. Example Mushroom Gardens, not White Oyster mushroom The aim of the White Oyster Mushroom cultivation on Sawdust is
  • To increase the income of rural farmers and communities in order to then be used to eat food of high nutritional value, as well as white oyster mushroom cultivation can reduce unemployment in the village and is able to make the cultivation of oyster mushroom on sawdust becomes non-oil commodity business.
  • Increasing the knowledge and skills in the utilization of waste sawdust, with white oyster mushroom cultivation.
For more details, please read the continuation in the article: Raw Materials, How to create and care White Oyster Mushroom on saws

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