Degrdasi Forest and Land

Degrdasi Forest and land in Indonesia at this time has been a concern of various parties nationally and internationally. This is due to the phenomenon of forest and land resource degradation continues to increase both in quality and in quantity. The rate of soil erosion in parts of Indonesia, including the category of the largest in the world. The magnitude of the rate of soil erosion is exacerbated by the pressure of population can hardly be controlled. The process of degradation that continues over time and can cause a very big impact, that among these impacts are:
  • Present Decreased fertility, quality and productivity of the land economically
  • Present Natural disasters such as floods and landslides during the rainy season and drought and scarcity of clean water in times of drought.
Damage to buildings and infrastructure for human needs. The impact of losses of Land and Forest Degradation in Indonesia has been happening everywhere intensity is also higher. Therefore, the prevention and rehabilitation of forest land or land that is degraded by simply controlling soil erosion.
Damage to forests and land have resulted in many major natural disasters, especially floods, landslides, and droughts, as a result of damage to infrastructure and disruption of activities make the community life that causes the occurrence of Land and Forest Degradation.
Efforts by the National has implemented the Government through the Ministry of Forestry conducted by the public as a form of empowerment have been conducted with the launch of a program called FOREST AND LAND REHABILITATION (RHL).
Interest in the launch of the Program for Forest and Land Rehabilitation (RHL) an attempt to repair, maintain and improve the functions of forests and land in order to function optimally, both as a production land, water control media, as well as one of the elements of nature and environmental protection.

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