Road environment

The neighborhood street is a street located in urban areas, but generally we are more familiar with the way this environment is more in the rural area that serves to connect between one village to another and or the environment is more in use and dysfunction as a means of transportation farmers in agricultural activities. Neighborhood streets have an average width of less than 3 meters with the construction of roads generally use concreting, such a narrow road is certainly not intended as a vehicle road cars, but only for motorcycles and carts carrying the harvest, although it still does not rule out the car through the streets This environment only vigilant and careful to be very important when the car vehicle must pass through the neighborhood streets. Neighborhood road construction is done mostly by residents of the neighborhood environment where the road is being built, as well as traditional and cultural self that characterizes Indonesia, mutual cooperation is very high in rural areas to be very useful for the quality and quantity of environmental road construction undertaken by the community itself, because generally people are fully aware that the way they built environment is done by them, from them and for them, so that the strength of the construction of the road has become a very good environment. That is why the central government in community development programs one of which is to submit a neighborhood road construction carried out by the community itself. This simple road environment also can not be enjoyed fully by the people as a whole, areas and remote rural areas, the environment that has been in the concretisation also still rarely possess. An obligation not only the government but all citizens should also have a responsibility to their environment so that development can increase social welfare if the adequate environment so that transport the crop can be more efficient and faster.

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