Relieve tension while driving

When traveling by car on the highway is crowded with a considerable distance, often headaches and neck struck when we were driving the car. If happens to you, you should not be taken lightly immediately seek a place to rest, so after taking a 20-30 min for the rest of your body can rejuvenate and relieve pain experienced by your neck and head, until the next trip can be passed safely through geared. 
Relieve tension while driving

To relieve a sore throat, do the following tips
  1. Place the fingertips on the back of the neck, middle, at the boundary signs.
  2. Tap-tap with a circular motion towards the bottom. feel the tension in the area, do it over and over again, and feel our neck muscles become weak. 
  3. Massage in the middle of the shoulder area and then sideways to the right and to the left, in turn, use the thumb bone as a masseuse. 
  4. when doing massage does not need to use great force, enough with the massage is tailored to the perceived tension. 
Do also massage Migraines and headaches
  1. Use both hands fingertips to trace the scalp. Start from the forehead and then up, massage with fingertips pressing hard. 
  2. find the location of a very sore head and then massage with a vengeance doing this movement several times, then the headache/migraine gradually subside. 
  3. continue to browse the entire scalp feels sore all finished for a massage. 
feel the results immediately felt, migraine and headaches much less ... is not it? 

Masage face 
  1. Prioritizing often wrinkled forehead. Place the 3 (three) right fingertips, and three (3) middle forehead left end to a vertical position, do massage slowly, each menjaukan themselves to each touching her temples. Repeat the above movements, to feel migraines and headaches can be felt. 
  2. place 3 (three) fingers front of the ear, near the cheekbone, then carefully sequence towards the temples. 
hopefully tension while driving can be solved with the above tips

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